I have been aware of the work of Hilma af Klint in the last couple of years. A friend went to see her exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Painting the Unseenand gave me a card. At first glance I wasn't too interested in the content, but looking closer and reading more about her process I found it fascinating.  She was turn of the century, a contemporary to Kandinsky and Mondrian, looking at colour, size, and working in an intuitive way. She was influenced by Rudolph Steiner's esoteric ideas and many of her organic forms stem from these. She began painting the "invisible worlds hidden within nature, the spiritual realm and the occult." 

"In 1896, Hilma af Klint and four other women formed the group “De Fem” [The Five]. They made contact with “high masters” from another dimension, and made meticulous notes on their séances. This led to a definite change in Hilma af Klint’s art. She began practising automatic writing, which involves writing without consciously guiding the movement of the pen on the paper. She developed a form of automatic drawing, predating the surrealists by decades. Gradually, she eschewed her naturalist imagery, in an effort to free herself from her academic training. She embarked on an inward journey, into a world that is hidden from most people." (Moderna Museet in Stockholm)

In my own work I have found that intuitive methods of creating are ideal. By creating and listening, or feeling your way through a painting, to what comes next you can then see where it will lead you. This I believe is intuitive expression, allowing yourself to create one colour at a time, by following your instinct. I haven't felt it for some time, but I remember when I was really in the creative flow times when I would step back from a piece I was working on and think, "Wow, did I make that?"